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About the author

Frans Welman is a photographer, designer, documentary filmmaker and author of articles and books. Starting as a press photographer, a photojournalist - he went on to specialise in culture and in indigenous peoples all over the world and into nature photography with a love for the rainforest. Of all those peoples, cultures and environments you will find samples of his work. Travel writing went on through his work, and for museums he contributed to a number of exhibitions through multimedia and designing websites. Since 1995 he also became a producer of documentary films. Samples on this site include images of Central and South America, Africa, South Asia and South East Asia. In a separate folder all published postcards are featured.

For publication purposes and for exhibitions all images are available. On the site only a fraction of the materials are featured but will give you an indication of what is on archive. Also note that the images in the Gallery do not represent the actual quality of the original image, they have been edited for web purposes. Contact Mr. Welman if you have a special assignment in mind which requires special expertise and experience.

General price of individual pictures are as follows:
Newspapers   E80.-
Magazines cover: E250.-
  full page: E175.-
  half page: E125.-
  quarter page or less: E80.-
Depending on frequency in use all prices are negotiable

depending on size and number and duration of the exhibition generally in between E50.- and E100.- per image

All image copyright prices are exluding applicable vat or sales tax

Please contact Frans Welman for both copyrights of existing videoproductions as well as plans with a calculated budget appraisal to have a documentary produced for you.

Frans Welman